Self Made Millionaire Credits Hard Work, Dissolution of Chivas USA

Carson, California – Software developer Alberto Delgado has announced today that his year-to-date income has reached in excess of $1.03 million, officially making him a self-made millionaire. He credits his success solely to the dissolution of his former MLS soccer club, Chivas USA.

These kinds of incredible efforts at fan relations originally kept Mr Delgado from fulfilling his destiny.

These kinds of incredible efforts at fan relations originally kept Mr Delgado from fulfilling his destiny.

“I was spending a couple of hundred dollars a week on my club just in alcohol purchases to help ease the suffering from loss after loss. And when you’re looking at nearly $10 for beer it adds up quickly and then you then factor in that we’re playing in a stadium plastered in LA Galaxy swag I had to drink before I even showed up at the stadium.”

Chivas USA suffered from years of mismanagement and poor results which ultimately ended after the 2014 MLS season when they ceased operations.

“I used to buy every kit they put out, their beer cozies, and really anything else they sold in order to help support the team.  But it was no use. No matter how much money we threw at the club none of it went to any good.”

Delgado continues, “When the team finally dissolved I was forced to take a hard look in the mirror.  On one hand I could switch clubs and start supporting the Galaxy which mean more wins and victory, but I would continue to spend countless hours and hundred's of dollars on following the game.  On the other hand I could ditch it all and invest my time into something more productive. I chose the latter and took a number of online programming classes. I also paid for an Apple developer’s license and began to develop games and apps for iPhones and iPads. After a year of hard work I found that I cleared $1.03 million.”

We asked Delgado if he would be looking to become a supporter of the Los Angeles Football Club when it comes into being in 2016.  “Are you kidding me? I’m looking to expand out into Android systems in the next couple months which means I have to become proficient in yet another programming language and operating system.  I’m even looking to do some development for the iWatch, or Apple Watch, or whatever it’s called. If I'm looking to double my profits by developing for a sub-par product, I don't have time to enjoy sub-par sports. When I think about all the hours I spent painting banners, all the hours I spent needlessly worrying about the team moving. My god, I could have made enough money to buy out Vergara"

The Nutmeg News will have more from Mr Delgado when he suffers a relapse and starts caring about sports again.