New York Cosmos Fan Already Finding Reasons To Dislike Referee Alan Kelly

NEW YORK - Cosmos fan Hugo Bratock has admitted that ever since he found out that Alan Kelly was going to referee the NASL final, that he has been finding reasons to dislike Kelly.

"Someone doesn't like me on the internet? NO!"

"Someone doesn't like me on the internet? NO!"

"He is going to call something poorly" said Mr Bratock to his group of friends. "Probably blow an offside call, or call a goal back, or give someone a red card... I  don't even know."

When asked by his friends what he looks like, Mr Bratock couldn't accurately describe using terms such as, "Oh, you know...he is that referee... that guy, with the stuff.. He did that thing one time? Uses a lot of cards? He is just complete shit, he um... blew that  call in that game... and people don't like him much because of.... um.... something." 

Still though Mr Bratock is remains certain that he doesn't like him. "He's a terrible referee, I know this, I just can't remember exactly why, right now. I just know that I'm going to boo the shit out of him as soon as something goes against the my boys."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Mr Bratock sees a picture of Mr Kelly and draws a complete blank.