For Authenticity Purposes, Rayo OKC To Only Communicate In Spanish

Oklahoma City, OK - New NASL team Rayo OKC has announced that for the sake of authenticity they will only communicate in Castilian Spanish for press releases and general announcements.

Muy Autentico

Muy Autentico

"It is important for our team going forward to only communicate in Spanish utilizing the Castilian formal Spanish, referential of Madrid," said Brad Lund manager of Sold Out Strategies. "Our overlords with Rayo Vallecano have insisted that this will differentiate us from other clubs in the United States now that Chivas USA has been buried 86 times over in Major League Soccer. We plan on being the team that the people who follow struggling La Liga teams and who are from Madrid and live in Oklahoma City can identify with."

With Rayo OKC being partially owned by Rayo Vallecano, Mr Lund stated that he thought that the language change would only be the first step towards creating a new Castilian Spanish identity for the fledgling club. "It's going to be crazy. I've already been working with Duo-Lingo and Rosetta Stone to get up to speed. We are only going to employ Spanish speaking players, coaches and front office staff mandating that our internal staff all learn how to speak Spanish within one year of the hire date. We also plan on instituting many of the things that a player with Rayo Vallecano would experience. We will have a Siesta period, major financial insecurity every couple years and a crippling inability to compete on a year to year level making us darlings of the media by virtue of our struggle. We will be encouraging our fans to also authentically speak Spanish as this will create even more authenticity."

The Nutmeg News will have more on Rayo OKC as they are slapped with a discrimination lawsuit.