TRANSFER RUMOR: NYCFC and LAFC In Running For Alfredo di Stefano

NEW YORK - A recent insider source has let The Nutmeg News know that New York City Football Club (NYCFC) and Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) are in the running to sign recently deceased Real Madrid legend Alfredo di Stefano (RIP).

So many trophies, so little time.

So many trophies, so little time.

"We think he has finally come down into our price range" said Sporting Director Claudio Reyna. "While he is most certainly dead, he offers as much to our lineup on defense as Andrea Pirlo did during Jason Kreis reign of terror."

New York City FC are reportedly in direct conflict to acquire di Stefano with the millennial interns at Los Angeles Football Club who oversea the transfer policy and Football Manager updates for the nascent side.

"We heard someone else was interested in the body of di Stefano and we thought we could probably trade some allocation money or get a loan utilizing our strong selfie game as collateral. While we don't actually know if di Stefano will want to come to Los Angeles Football Club, we also don't know if LAFC will ever actually play soccer so a dead, legendary player and a dead, legendary club seem to be the perfect match," stated director of Los Angeles Football Club acquisitions @SmokinPunz420 (Derek Blaylock). "We can't wait to add his trophies to our long list of accomplishments like the time we created a viral tweet about split scarves."

The Nutmeg News will have more as these two titans battle it out for Garrincha, next week.