TNN Staff Writers Tired Of Coming Up With Sepp Blatter Stories

INTERNET - The Nutmeg News staff writers have reportedly rebelled against coming up with any more Sepp Blatter stories in light of the human parasite being in the news again recently.

"I'm not writing another word til that dickbag is in jail" said The Nutmeg News junior writer and soon to be unemployed pizza delivery guy with a masters degree from Phoenix University, Dale Crambrook. "I'm tired of it. I'm really really tired of it all," He said as he cleaned out his desk.

Artists Rendition of Sepp Blatter

Artists Rendition of Sepp Blatter

"I can't do it anymore!" said junior writer and champion ski-ball player Elise Heathrington "It's too much, at some point he goes to jail or dies or something right? It's the same story all the time! I can't keep reinventing the wheel, you know. I'm already working on a two stories for tomorrow, editing this story and contacting some voice actors about another potential installation of the Sixth Place War. This Sepp stuff has got to stop."

The Nutmeg News interviewed some of the senior editors about Sepp Blatter and they had the following to say, "What. A. Dick. Now come up with something funny about this and it BETTER BE ORIGINAL YOU SCUM!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this after we finish hiring a new junior writer to replace the recently disgraced Mr Crambrook.