Bruce Arena States, "MLS Cup Doesn't Matter To Me"

CARSON, Calif.  -- The LA Galaxy are knocked out of MLS Cup, but that's of little concern to head coach Bruce Arena as he vociferously stated in his post game remarks.

Happier Days for Bruce back when he cared about MLS Cup.

Happier Days for Bruce back when he cared about MLS Cup.

The Galaxy have clinched a berth in the 2016 CONCACAF Champions League knock out stages and that is what the head coach cares about. Despite being close to winning a playoff game, the Galaxy do not control their own destiny in terms of the MLS Cup as they already left Seattle after losing 3-2.

However, that is of little concern to Arena who, after getting knocked out of the MLS Cup Playoffs, is focused on guiding the Galaxy to the CONCACAF Champions League title.

"That's not the focus of our team. The focus on our team is getting to the CONCACAF Champions League Title," Arena said. "That's our first objective. If we play well on the field and win games, all that stuff will take care of itself. I mean, who cares about the Supporters Shield or MLS Cup or the US Open Cup or any of the other trophies that we didn't win this year. It's all about the trophy that we still have a chance at winning. I call my philosophy 'moving the goal posts'. Unless we lose the goal posts. Then we never liked the goal posts in the first place."

But is it important for Arena's Galaxy to win MLS Cup? 

"It's certainly helpful. We've been in all sorts of positions. You can win as the six seed or you can win as the first seed," Arena said.  "Whatever that stuff means, you can figure it out yourself. I haven't found it to necessarily mean anything. Nothing about sports means anything anyway. I mean honestly, we are all slowly passing away in front of each other as rotting hunks of meat flesh. Everything is meaningless as we spin out of control on this icy death ball of a planet careening from one ice age to one global warming ebola pandemic as the earth crashes into a death spiral of rising ocean levels and dead honey bees. Honestly, It's a wonder any of you find time for soccer in the first place given that there are wars in Africa, genocide in the Middle East, and a never ending abuse of child labor that quenches our unending quest for chocolate even though our children's hands are being cut off to serve us.

But yeah, MLS  Cup. 

Go Galaxy."