Alex Morgan Fan Realizes She Loved Orlando All Along

Topeka, KS - Alex Morgan super fan and former Thorns ultra, Kym Davidson, came to the stunning conclusion that she actually loved Orlando all along after Alex Morgan was traded there on Monday morning.

Ms. Davidson's favorite wallpaper for her cellphone.

Ms. Davidson's favorite wallpaper for her cellphone.

"Portland never fit into my way of life anyway" said a jovial Ms. Davidson as she updated her twitter account to remove the words Portland Thorns Fan from her twitter description of -- Fan of the best player in the entire world, Alex Morgan, and super fan of the Orlando Pride. --

"Portland was OK, but just like Alex, I need to move on in order to be at a better place in my life. And like, was I going to visit there? NO. I don't like rain and gross people. I'd only go there just for Morgs. And they hate all the national team people there. Plus my friend told me they hated her there anyway. HATED HER -- H.A.T.E.D. her. And how can you hate Morgs? You can't. Her hair is just bouncy and her eyebrows are perfect and I just want to take her but like in a nice way, but like totally take her face off and wear it as my face, but like I said... in a totally nice way. And I'd give it back, when she needed it. But that way I'd see through her eyes and be her, but not like in a stalker way, just like a totally not creepy way, but yeah I'd like her face.... on my face.

I'm selling all my thorns gear on ebay so that I can buy a Pride Morgan jersey, immediately, so I can at least wear the same type of fabric that is on Alex's perfect shoulders."

The Nutmeg News will have more on Ms. Davidson as she updates her Morgan tattoo to include the Women's World Cup.