Little Prick On Reddit Claims, "I Showed Up Freddy Adu Because I Could"

INTERNET - A Reddit user by the name of CameranAlavi admitted that while he was an intern with the Philadelphia Union that he was a total prick to Freddy Adu.

Reportedly this user decided that because the offer was given by Mr Adu to play FIFA and Mr Adu talked some brief banter about playing that he would try show him up using his own team against him, then taunt a person he just met 15 minutes after walking into his home who plays for the club that he works for, and then take a picture of the score so that he could brag later to his friends.

The Nutmeg News contacted Freddy Adu about this story and he had the following to say, "I thought it would be cool if I just played a little FIFA with this intern, but he beat me up pretty bad. It was going like you expect FIFA to go, but the little shit decided to take a cell phone picture of his win to gloat afterward and that was too much. Who does that? What normal person is invited into someone's home to play a video game and then uses that opportunity to be a dick. I just wanted to do something nice, create a memory of something good, and this kid who was a club intern decided to use it as a point of gloating over me. This kind of situation is why professional athletes don't like dealing with little pricks like this intern."

Psychologist and FIFA player David Frank had the following to say, "Whether this story is real or not, it shows that the person who told it is a pretty sizable asshole. He either made up the story to claim attention or he actually was invited into someones house, where the person is someone employed by the same place that he works, beat him and then taunted him twice before getting kicked out. The fact that he might have done the act is probably worse than making it up to get attention. Beat him at the game if you want, but a wise person wouldn't use the skill of manipulating pixels better than another man to rub it into the face of someone that they just met twenty minutes ago. FIFA is a frustrating game, and it can get ugly when people are playing, but taunting people that you just met is a good way of pissing them off and making yourself look like a dick."