Klinsmann Fires Back At Critics

BERLIN - Jurgen Klinsmann, the coach of the United States National Team, released a torrid criticism of the people who are criticizing him for releasing critical comments about the press who were criticizing Klinsmann for criticizing his players.

"At some point the United States will learn how to analyze on the fifth plane of meta-analysis" said the coach addressing a gathered mob of irate Twitter users stationed outside his winter home in the highlands of Berlin.

"I spend every morning being critical of myself for being critical of myself about being critical of my players not be critical enough about their careers. The least I can expect is that Brek Shea show up in shape to do the same."

TNN had a correspondent onsite and asked irate Twitter user Geoff Rampin his opinion about the situation. "Klinsmann ain't got no right to be up in their grills! He doesn't even play no more!" said the blogger also known by his twitter handle @smokinbluntz69usmnt

TNN will cover this situation as it develops.