On Field Troll Of NYCFC By FC Dallas Confuses English Speaking Soccer Fans

Dallas, TX - An attempted on field troll of New York City FC by FC Dallas confused English speaking soccer fans as they took to the internet claiming that the franchise made a mistake.


“It appears that our troll of NYCFC caught out a few of our less than bilingual fans,” stated FC Dallas public relations manager Susan Collins. “We used a quote from the Spanish Language Red Bull advertisements from the arch rival of NYCFC to get under their skin.”


The FC Dallas worker responsible for the on field campaign said it never occurred to him that people would think people were misspelling the name of the home team.

“I thought EVERYONE knew about Te Da Alas. It translates to It gives you wings. Get with the TIMES, people,” stated Henderson to our reporter.

Supporters across the league called in to state they believed this to be a false flag to cover up an honest, on the field mistake by FC Dallas, however researchers state that this is just compensation.

“We like to fill in the blanks that our brain cannot handle,” stated Professor Walter Higgins of the MIT department of Onfield Flag Displays In Major League Soccer. “However, as Occam’s razor indicates, entities should not be multiplied without necessity. And what makes more sense… that FC Dallas, a supposed professional member of a soccer league, intentionally misspelled the name of the city they represent or that this was part of a larger advertising campaign to troll NYCFC while vertically integrating a new profit sphere in their on field promotions tranche.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Te Da Alas!