"I'm Really Not Obsessed," Claims Woman Who Has Over 412 Photos Of Christen Press On Her Phone

Wichita, KS - USWNT superfan Ashley Williams stated, “I’m really not obsessed,” after it was disclosed that she has over 412 photos of Christen Press on her phone.


“It’s not THAT bad,” stated Williams to The Nutmeg News. “I just re-catalog all the pictures that she takes and has taken on a separate Christen Press stan account on Instagram and on Twitter.”

Researchers indicate that @PressStan4Lyfe has over 1000 followers as the account ritualistically tweets out recent pictures of Press often notated with captions that have to do with everyone’s day to day life like, “When The Gram Is Lit.”

“Within my group of very passionate soccer fans I don’t find it is that weird,” stated Williams. “Why my friend Carla runs @tobinstan4lyfe and she has over 300 pictures of Tobin on that account. My other friend Brooklyn runs the @morganstan4lyfe account and she reposts every photo of Alex Morgan with the caption of Qween. I also have friends who take out of context photos of the USWNT players at training and make it look like they are in a relationship with hinting messages as to the possibility of them dating. It’s hard work but someone has to do it.”

According to friends, Williams has stopped doing an activity to download a picture of Press and then re-upload it to her social media.

“I took her hiking once and when a new Press picture came in she took 5 minutes to make certain that she re-posted the shot and then went back to hiking,” said good friend Angela Hughes.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Williams attempts to get a photo with Press without showing the photo on her phone that she already photoshopped showing the two of them at the beach.