Rapids Fan Embraces Medieval Diseases For Home Field Advantage

Commerce City, CO - The threat of the plague from flea infested prairie dogs didn’t ruin the Colorado Rapids thrilling 6-3 victory over the Montreal Impact for some fans.

“Look, I have Anthony Hudson’s career, here… just take it.”  — “I’m not dead yet!” —  “YES, YOU ARE.”

“Look, I have Anthony Hudson’s career, here… just take it.”

— “I’m not dead yet!” —


Colorado Rapids supporter Anthony Raymond could be heard shouting “maybe we should threaten all our opponents with medieval diseases” to no one in particular, while leaving Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. He continued, “think about it, like, how hard are the Quakes going to play when they have to worry about typhus, leprosy, dysentery, malaria, diphtheria, vapors…. or the POX!”

Raymond seemed to be high spirits while in the stands, despite his failed chant attempts of “bring out <clap clap> your dead <clap clap>” and no one joining him while singing “Ring Around the Rosie”. Raymond also added a line to the 2019 Montreal Impact Season Wikipedia page which read “Cause of Death - The Plague” which he immediately screen shot and sent to all of his friends. He is still waiting for a response. 

The Nutmeg News reached out to Kroenke Sports & Entertainment to verify Raymond’s claims of the team name changing to the “Colorado Black Death” or “Colorado Bubonic” without response.

EDITORS NOTE: Stan Kroenke has still not publicly commented on the name change at the time of publication due to his long standing mandate of having zero clue about anything in his portfolio beyond the jars of pee he is collecting for his inaugural flight on the Spruce Goose.