Phoenix Rising Announces 2 For 1 Pedialyte Special On Dollar Beer Night

Phoenix, AZ - In an effort to stem the potentially horrific hangover that results from Dollar Beer Night, Phoenix Rising announced a 2 for 1 Pedialyte special at tonight’s game.


“We will have Berry Frost, Kiwi Berry Mist, Chilled Cherry and Iced Grape available for all of our fans,” stated concessions manager Hector Villareal. “We are going to have the Classic Powder Packs, the Sparkling Rush Powder Packs, the Pedialyte Freezer Pops and even the classic liters available at any concession stand.”

According to insiders with the team, they are very bullish on this denting the long term issues that may develop with spending two hours drinking copious amounts of Budweiser in the heat.

“We need to take care of our fans so that we stop having to construct a sick ward in the stands in order to let them sleep it off,” stated Villareal. “The last guy just left from the last dollar beer night.”

With anticipation building to a frenzied pitch, Pheonix Rising announced to all their fans that anyone who buys 6 beers in total will automatically get a pint of Berry Frost, now with 33% more electrolytes, which as everyone knows is what plants crave.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as fans combine Bud Light Lime, Kiwi Berry Mist, and severe stomach distress to make a new victory cocktail.