Online Troll Farms Hiring As World Cup Begins

INTERNET - Online troll farms targeting fans who enjoy women’s sports announced that they were hiring as the World Cup begins June 7th.


“We MUST tell these people how stupid women’s sports is," stated troll farm director Vladamir Stepnovich. “Everyone knows that Women shouldn’t play sports except for Foxy Boxing and jello wrestling.”

According to the advertisements, Troll Farms are looking for angry men between the age of 12 and 99 who hate women, want to make people feel awful and feel the need to anger as many people as possible by shitting on their interests. “Come join the troll army dedicated to making other people as miserable as you are in your day-to-day life,” stated one advertisement on a White Supremacist Facebook group.

For their part, fans of the World Cup and women’s sports say this is all part of the package.

“Every single time the world cup comes around there’s an increase in idiots online,” stated writer Kym Blanchard. “My World Cup experience wouldn’t be complete without men in my dms telling me that I’m worthless, asking for nudes, telling me to delete my account, telling me to kill myself and telling me that no one cares.”

The troll farms admit that it’s an easy recruitment process as they stated, “many men in the United States and abroad are very angry for no good reason. What better thing to do than to load them up with hatred towards women as a way to tell the world to fuck itself in some kind of nhilistic and impotent rage. We also do recruitment for people that want more of an alt-right presence online. Generally if someone is fine spending the good portion of their day telling people that women’s sports sucks, they are only one youtube video away from ranting online about Muslims invading their country.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as desperate and angry men continue to embarrass everyone, repeatedly.