Car With Soccer Team Sticker Not Driven By Known Friend

Minneapolis, MN - Wonderwall participant Dana Rovell reported, on Monday, that the Mazda 3 adorned with a Loons sticker at Bloomington and East 26th was not actually driven by a known friend as she craned her neck to have a look at a driver she doesn’t know for the 32nd time over he past two years.


“Oh, maybe that’s Dave,” stated Ms. Rovell as she found out that the driver of the car was actually a short woman with a bob cut. “Ok, well maybe that’s Dave’s wife? Funny, he’s never said anything about her.”

Ms. Rovell reported that since Minnesota United went to Major League Soccer that she’s seen a small increase in gear around the city which confused the Loons fan who was previously used to a small group of fans that knew each other intimately.

“Back in the day we all knew each other and all our shit,” stated Ms Rovell to The Nutmeg News. “I used to know everyone’s cars and we would waive at each other if we saw each other around town. Now I see a Prius with a new crest sticker and I think it’s Paul and It’s not Paul and I’m making an ass of myself by flipping off the driver that I think is Paul who would totally get that joke.”

With the team being more known in the area Ms Rovell indicated that she keeps being disappointed when she doesn’t know the person driving the car.

“I think to myself that oh.. you know.. he's got the sticker, he's wearing a scarf, and he has a beard; and then you pull up next to him and are waving and he has no clue who you are or even that you're a Minnesota United fan.”.

Ms. Rovell even admitted that this took a toll on her vehicle as she attempted to twirl a scarf at a Ford F-150 with a Wonderwall sticker only to rear end a tow truck and find out that the driver of the Ford was an Oasis fan.

“It’s just happened way too many times at this point, but one of these times It’s going to be my friend.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Ms Rovell blows by the next car with a sticker on it that just so happens to be her friend Paul Alvarez and… hey.. "why the hell didn’t Dana say high when she saw me,” thinks Mr. Alvarez.