United States Based Pulisic Fan Can't Find Chelsea On A Map Of England

Dallas, TX - Christian Pulisic superfan David Henry stated that he was excited to become a new Chelsea fan after Pulisic announced his move to the English club Chelsea, but Henry also admitted that he was having difficulty finding Chelsea on a map of England.

“I can’t find it anywhere.”

“I can’t find it anywhere.”

“As part of my exhaustive research I like to look at what the city is like,” stated Henry to The Nutmeg News. “However, I can’t find Chelsea ANYWHERE.”

Henry stated that he looked in North-East England, North-West England, South England and Even West England but was unable to find any city with the name of Chelsea.

“How can the world’s greatest American player and the biggest undiscovered talent go to a team where I can’t even find the city,” stated Henry. “When I became a huge Dortmund fan I just found Dortmund on the map and then I looked up all the cultural items that could possibly inform me as to the style of the city so that I could tell everyone I knew how much of a fan of the team and town that I am.”

Henry confided to friends that Pulisic signing with a team that doesn’t appear to be based in an actual city of their own has him concerned with his development.

“We will never be a true soccer country until our biggest players are playing for teams that have their own cities, like Manchester or Liverpool or Sunderland,” ranted Henry on his twitter account.

None of this, however, kept Mr. Henry from purchasing a brand new Chelsea Pulisic kit on New Years as he boldly proclaimed his love for the blue or whatever people say about this team that doesn’t even have a city.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Henry starts googling recent news articles on Chelsea fans to get an idea of the type of people that Pulisic will call his fans.