Legendary Soccer Zine Folds After Two Issue Run

NEW YORK - Legendary New York Red Bull zine Metro Time called a close to their lengthy run of two issues after editor-in-chief Todd "gamma" Raver announced the final issue dealing with The Man in the Stands would not be released.

Look, man, the fumes are only bad if you don't breathe through your scarf.

Look, man, the fumes are only bad if you don't breathe through your scarf.

"We want to thank everyone in the community who supported us from day one," stated Raver to his 130 Twitter followers. "We had a good run, but it was time."

Metro Time was exclusively printed in the living room of Raver's walk-up apartment in Queens as the zine attempted to blend in elements of the New York hardcore scene, supporters group information, and the games that Red Bull New York played.

"We never sold out," stated journalist and all-around-drunk Arnie Gorena. "And by that I mean we never sold out of the number of copies that we printed at any one time."

According to friends of Raver and Gorena, hundreds of people managed to avoid eye contact on game day in an attempt to dodge a conversation about the zine as they pledged online their support for the project.

"Finally, an article for supporters written by supporters," stated Paul Isaac who reportedly skimmed the article that he was reading before he logged online to Instagram to favorite a picture of a cat in a top hat. 

Raver credited the longevity of the zine to, "not giving a fuck, bro," before he stated that he would possibly release a legacy collectors edition of the two previous editions of Metro Time in a leather-esque bound coffee table book just as soon as he finishes his 2 week learning annex course in book binding.

"I just want to thank all the fans, even the poseurs, that read my masterpiece," stated Raver to his Facebook page.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Raver and Gorena talk about starting up the zine again before deciding that would be a waste of time and playing FIFA instead.