MLS Ponders Possible Chicago Move To San Antonio If Austin Attendance Mirrors Dallas And Houston

NEW YORK - According to insiders, executives with Major League Soccer are considering a possible move of the Chicago Fire to San Antonio if future Austin MLS team attendance mirrors the half full stadiums of FC Dallas and the Houston Dynamo.

WOOOoooooooooooo look at that crowd!

WOOOoooooooooooo look at that crowd!

"Look, if three teams in Texas can't get us a sold out stadium we will just put another team and hope THAT one is good," stated one anonymous source.

League insiders noted that Houston and Dallas have both recently taken up two positions in the bottom seven list of 2018 MLS attendance. However, they also noted that moving Austin is just one trick towards expanding the Texas market.

"There's at least, like, a thousand people in Texas," stated one MLS marketing executive. "If we really get after them, we may be able to pull another 14,000/15,000 attendance crowd in place for Austin We are going to crack this Texas nut if we have to move 10 teams to Texas."

Fans in San Antonio reportedly rebelled against the idea of moving an Andrew Hauptman team to their area, but Major League Soccer was nonplussed stating, "You'll get it and you'll like it and your city will pay for it and you'll shut up or get nothing. We will get a sold out stadium in Texas eventually. It's going to happen, just like at Audi Field and the Banc of California stadium in Los Angeles it is going to be sold out all the time. ALL. THE. TIME."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as we look into possible MLS expansion sites in San Angelo, Boerne, Paris, Brownsville, Waco, Lubbock and Texarkana.