Orlando City Fan Plans To Lash Out At Other Orlando Fans On Social Media Until This Team Situation Is Fixed

Orlando, FL - Orlando City fan Hugo Perez admitted that after the recent loss by City to D.C. United that he planned at lashing out at other Orlando City fans on social media until this whole team situation is resolved.

"One win in 15 games. FIFTEEN GAMES," stated Perez to The Nutmeg News. "And you know what, it's all that and we know that, but seriously the thing I freaking hate is that stupid flag that James made. Seriously, fuck that guy."

The fan referred to as James is actually James Ortega of Pine Hills who drives in to attend games with his girlfriend Sandra.

"If people have things to say they can say it to me or stop being a toxic crybaby" subtweeted Ortega online to his 250 Twitter followers."I'm just there to enjoy the game and not have to listen to a bunch of whining from people who don't do anything."

This sudden beef rallied fans onto both sides of the argument as the pulsating frenzy over Ortega v Perez began to outpace the anger the Orlando fans over the recent loss.

"Both of those guys are assholes," stated Orlando City fan Terrance Ruffins on the Facebook thread that spun out of control over the recent loss. "But not as much as those guys that aren't singing over in section 23. We are working our ass off and they are just doing nothing. If they wanted to stand and do nothing they should move over to 118."

The Nutmeg News spoke to some fans over in section 23 including longtime season ticket holder of 4 years Jefferson Anderson of Orlovista. "I've just about had it with the freaking losses, but I hate those guys over in section 24 who think their shit doesn't stink. It's one thing to lose every week, but it's another to have to deal with fans who make this whole thing a chore to even deal with."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as fans continue to fight each other instead of thinking about soccer.