Positive Attitude About Team Returns After Soccer Fan Is Unable To Log Onto Twitter

Salt Lake City, UT - While being unable to log into Twitter due to a cell service problem, Real Salt Lake fan Brent Daniels stated that he noticed a servere increase in his overall positive attitude regarding the MLS side.


"After not being burdened by all the negativity online I'm feeling a lot better about the chances of RSL this season," stated Daniels. "It's amazing what not looking at my phone every few seconds can do."

According to friends and family, Daniels is often seen looking at his phone repeatedly when bored, when busy and when doing literally every activity including watching television, playing games, family gatherings, funerals, weddings, attending concerts and sexual intercourse.

"He's always on that damn thing and he is always depressed," stated grandmother Denise Daniels. "I tell him that he just needs to step away from it and realize that Craig Waibel is going to be fine or he isn't... but what is Brent going to do. Now let me tell you about Alvaro Saborio, oh those were the days."

For his part, Daniels admitted that he likely spends too much time on Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook with the endless negativity from those versions of social media shaping his perspective of everything from the team selection to how well the team was playing.

"I actually realized that it's been forever since I actually... you know... watched a match all the way through. Did you know that Beckerman cut his hair," asked Daniels as his phone went off during our interview indicating that his cell service was restored and our interview was over.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Daniels walks into a glass door while staring at his phone while trying to decipher a tweet regarding RSL from an anonymous troll account.