Local Expert On La Liga Is Now Local Expert On Serie A

Henderson, NV - Paul Williams, a local expert on La Liga, announced that he fully transitioned to being a local expert on Italian football league Serie A by way of a 15 Tweet thread on the impact of new acquisitions after it was announced that Cristiano Ronaldo would be moving to Juventus.

"This is Livorno, they are a really right wing team that plays in Sicily"

"This is Livorno, they are a really right wing team that plays in Sicily"

"Y'know, I've got some personal history with Serie A and Juventus," stated Williams on his account @SoccerExpert24325632 to his 100 followers as he did not indicate exactly what that connection actually was. "While I've been reporting on Madrid for the past 9 years, I've got a vast amount of knowledge on Serie A and all the teams that play within that league and exactly what is going to happen with Ronaldo signing for Juventus."

According to friends, family and Williams extended Facebook strangers that he roped into his own group called North American Football Opinions, Williams has taken to all forms of social media to expertly prognosticate on the Italian league despite only really caring about it for the past 4 hours.

"Anyone saying that I've only followed this league for 4 hours is just fake news," stated Williams. "I've always had a relationship with Juventus since FIFA autopicked them for me last year. I've got an in depth knowledge into the players and history of the league. I just didn't talk about it because it was important to talk about La Liga. Now it is important to talk about Serie A. You can expect a full diagram of Ronaldo's upcoming goals and which game will have his first hat trick coming on my blog, instagram, twitter, reddit and facebook account very soon."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Williams googles, "Who won the Serie A championship during the 2017/2018 season," and, "Does Serie A have promotion/relegation."