"Soccer For All" Campaign Accused Of Being Unfair To Racists

The recent Major League Soccer anti-bigotry campaign of "Soccer For All" has been accused of being unfair to racists and bigots that might otherwise enjoy soccer.

"This is absolutely the MLS being unfair to me and my friends," stated noted racist, Youtube conspiracy streamer, and waste of human flesh Jim "Boss Hawgged" Dirfle. "I don't watch sports for politics, so you keep your leftist liberal communist ways away from my soccer. If I want to watch soccer and be racist, I'm gonna do it."

With the league heavily invested in anti-bigotry campaigns, over the years, a small number of fans claim that these initiatives are keeping them from enjoying another season of MLS because they are horrible people who think that they should be able to be racist all the time.

"If I can't watch a game and scream slurs at players I hate, then why even play the games at all," stated bigot Allie Mcraw.

"There should be a place for racist people and bigots where we can express ourselves at the stadium, but these snowflakes are determined to keep us from offending those delicate sensibilities," stated racist Jimmy Jim Jimmerson. 

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as extreme right-wing fans interpret this anti-bigotry campaign as an attack on themselves, which is a very curious thing... because it seems like the only reason you would be against a "soccer for all" campaign is if you didn't think soccer was for everyone.