"Of Course I'm Concerned With The Deepening Humanitarian Crisis In Syria, But Have You Heard That There's A Coach Within The USSF That Doesn't Utilize Rondos?"

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Today's letter comes from Hans Delbrook of Cornwall, Virginia.

"Dear Friend,

Of course I'm concerned with the deepening humanitarian crisis in Syria, but have you heard that there's a soccer coach within the US Soccer Federation developmental tiers that doesn't utilize rondos?



Well who cares about the upcoming deaths of people elsewhere when we have unqualified coaches out there that are not teaching the youth of our society about overload and mismatches in the game at a basic level.

Look, I'm not going to explain to you what a Rondo is because if you don't know what a Rondo is than you shouldn't be involved in soccer at all, at any level. However, let me tell you that this is the important conversation that we should be having today. Not about firing misseles into Syria, not about financial improrieties at all levels of government, we need to be talking about Rondos. 

We will never be a great soccer nation until we talk about rondos. We will never understand the game until all of our rondos are running rondos. We need to overload our overloads until our overloads have overloads overloading the overloads.

In short, attached you will find my Twitter thread with 364 posts spread out over 10 days on the rondo and coaches that I guess will not implement it because they are a part of the know-nothing cabal in the United States and I've never attended their training.

Thank you,