Defending Champion, Toronto FC, On Pace To Miss Playoffs

TORONTO - In a shocking development from Major League Soccer (MLS), defending MLS Cup Champion Toronto FC are on pace to miss the playoffs if the season ended today.


Pundits and fans alike were shocked by the development as TFC crashed out of the regular season and post season via a loss to the Columbus Crew, on Saturday.

"After last season I thought things were going to be different for them," stated CBC Correspondent Guy Lafleur. "Then we see that things aren't that much different at all."

"I think it's time to hit the panic button, sell all the players and start fresh," stated TFC fan Andrea Howser. "We need to accept that this is a lost season and that we are just going to have to build for next year."

Insider sources within the organization say that the TFC brass was apoplectic after the loss on Saturday stating that no one's job is safe.

"We didn't spend all this money to struggle this bad," stated one source from inside the front office. "Heads will roll, mark my word.... heads... will... roll"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this when fans decide to protest in game 2 of the season.