Casual Friday Not What Soccer Supporter Thought It Would Be

Philadelphia, PA - Entering the office yelling, "U WOT M8," soccer supporter Isaac Redmond was reportedly surprised to find out that Casual Friday at his workplace was not what he thought it would be.

Sporting a Flatcap, a Stone Island jacket, Fred Perry polo, a Burberry scarf and Adidas Spezial shoes, Redmond immediately noticed that his coworkers were simply wearing jeans and t-shirts with beat up Converse sneakers or Crocks defying the mandate of Casual Friday.

"I'm ready for a right BOVVER, ya cunts," emailed Redmond to his workplace distribution group as he received a notification for an immediate meeting with Human Resources. 

Redmond replied to the meeting notification with a denial notification and a specific message that stated, "SPEZIALE LIBERO! #NoPyroNoParty #AHRAB #ACAB."

"I'm not certain what these lads are up to," stated Redmond to The Nutmeg News. "They are acting like they want a prawn sandwich. We need to get out there and bust up some heads and not cave to the old bill."

Co-workers state that Redmond opened a Strongbow over lunch and initiated a conversation with his boss that started with, "Wot, mate? Fuckin City's on a blinder, innit?"

Redmond then finished lunch, lit off a flare and smoke bomb that he dropped on the floor of the reserved stall in the company bathroom and strolled away to head to the pub for a, "nice lager and some chips."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Redmond manages to ruin Casual Friday for everyone.