"I Won't Cheat On You," Says Married Asshole To Pretty Woman In Bar

Austin, TX - Drunkenly lurching around like a pervert looking for a warm bed, Anthony Precourt reportedly stated, "I won't cheat on you," to Austin, Texas during a particularly flirtatious period of time at an Airport Bar.

"Baby don't you want to have some fun?" stammered Precourt to Austin as he silenced the phone notifications coming from Columbus asking him where he was and if he was ok. "We could have a great time. We could make some money, have some fun, and really get to know each other. I won't leave you."

Friends of Precourt indicate that he previously stated the same thing to Columbus, Ohio before intentionally cheating on them with anyone that would give him the time of day.

"I won't treat you like those other cities. They mean nothing to me. All I can see is you, baby," stated Precourt as he downed another Gin and Tonic. "Baby we can be great together, just give me some land and some tax breaks and I'll make you happy."

When Austin asked if Precourt said the same thing to his wife he reportedly responded with, "She means NOTHING to me. NOTHING. I can only see you. You aren't like those other ones."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Precourt removes his wedding ring in the bathroom before heading back to buy another drink.