Unoriginal Arsenal Fan Starts Preparing #WengerOut Sign For MLS Opening Game

San Jose, CA - Desperately unoriginal Arsenal and San Jose Earthquakes fan Jack Ingram began preparing a #WengerOUT sign for the upcoming Earthquakes home opener game of the 2018 season while watching Arsenal lose 3-0 to Manchester City.


"If there's something that everyone loves it's fans bringing signs and banners that have absolutely nothing to do with either of the teams playing," stated Ingram to The Nutmeg News. "Traditionally I would've made something for Wondolowski, but now I'm going to spend a few hours ensuring that I have a well made and laminated #WengerOUT sign."

Friends state that Ingram frequently threatened to bring a WengerOUT sign if things did not improve for Arsenal, but previously held off. This season, though, Ingram has been strident that he will do anything to remove Wenger from his, "unmitigate corruption of all things holy in the world," as Ingram ranted on his Facebook page.

"Jack's just going to say it's all a joke," stated friend Dominic Gooden. "But you don't make a dumb sign like that and take it to a game that has nothing to do with Arsenal to have it be a joke. I've told him a million times that it's dumb to bring that sign to an Earthquakes game, but....Jack's Jack.... if you know what I mean."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as a confident Ingram readies for his moment in the sun.