Liverpool Fan Casually Suggests Valentines Lunch At Soccer Bar

San Diego, CA - Liverpool fan Sean Driscoll casually suggested to his girlfriend of 5 months Sandra that they have a special Valentine's Day lunch at Shakespeare Pub & Grille while forgetting to mention that Liverpool are playing Porto in the Champions League at 11:45 am.

Well......... Their kits are red.

Well......... Their kits are red.

Stating, "I love you honey. I took some time off work today just for you! Let's get lunch SMILEY FACE EMOJI," Discroll took his deception to unknown heights as he stated that Sandra had, "Always wanted to go try some English bar food, right?"

Friends and family state that they told Driscoll that this will probably, "Not go well." However, the diehard fan stated his intention to combine the things he loves into one giant mishmash of feelings.

"Nothing can go wrong with this at all," stated Driscoll as he steamed ahead into dangerous waters. "This is going to go great."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as it, reportedly, does not go well when Driscoll becomes aware that his girlfriend is a Manchester United fan.