Soccer Supporter Quits Twitter For Record 146th Time

Boston, MA - Revolution supporter Heather Stephens stated to friends that she decided to quit Twitter and deactivate her @NERevs4Me146 account for the 146th time dethroning current Guinness World Record holder Dominic Fellows who quit soccer twitter for the 145th time during the US game against Trinidad and Tobago.

DO IT..... DO IT!

DO IT..... DO IT!

"Twitter just makes me incredibly depressed," stated Stephens to The Nutmeg News. "From politics and the dumpster fire in Washington to my team just messing around when others are picking up players in private jets.... ugh..... I just don't want it anymore. Have you SEEN the #NEREVS hashtag? HAVE YOU? God, no... I don't need another season of this."

Sources indicate that the other 145 times that Stephens quit Twitter she was quickly back on the service within 3 months after realizing she was missing her soccer friends that weren't local.

"This time I'm figuring out how to contact people without needing the service. There needs to be some messaging app that isn't text messaging where I can chat with people," stated Ms Stephens to The Nutmeg News. "I'm simultaneously tired of people but also need them. It's a delicate situation. There were 145 @NERevs4Me accounts and I KNOW that THIS TIME I won't cave and make a 147th account." 

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Ms. Stephens creates @NERevs4Me147 in 2 months.