Woman Starts New Year By Hiding Viewing of Arsenal v Chelsea From Employer

Philadelphia, PA - Accountant Jessica Haim returned to work on Wednesday and started the new year by surreptitiously hiding her viewing of Arsenal v Chelsea from her ever present and roaming boss who was unaware of the cell phone strategically positioned below Ms. Haim's desk.

"Yes, Yes, Of course that wasn't in. Double post. Yes. Ok, I have to go."

"Yes, Yes, Of course that wasn't in. Double post. Yes. Ok, I have to go."

"New Year, New Me," tweeted Ms. Haim from her locked twitter account @MorataIsGod13 as she prepared to continue her trend of hiding her obsession with soccer by streaming the Premier League game from a hidden vantage point. "Hoping to see Conte really take the Gunners apart #blessed."

According to friends, the only way Ms. Haim can get through the drudgery of a job she hates in a career field she regrets is the constant love that she feels from the London side that blesses her weeks and fills her day with meaning. 

"If all I had was my job and my empty apartment? Oh.....yeah....... that would be bad," stated Ms. Haim to her friend Becky Lindgaard. "Yeah, say what you want to about my shitty job, but I still have the Blues."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Ms. Haim attempts to celebrate a counter attack by transferring a motion of excitement into crossing leg motion.