MLS Miami Front Office To Take An Additional 10 Years To Decide On Team Colors

Miami, FL - With much fanfare, Miami was announced as a new Major League Soccer franchise on Monday although details on the new franchise were slim as the balloons dropped on billionaires and millionaires celebrating their new real estate development plan in the area somewhat close to the Miami core location.

(AFP / AFP/Getty Images)

(AFP / AFP/Getty Images)

"We are going to take 10 years, or so, to really work on the team colors before we even get started on an official name," stated MLS Miami talking head David Beckham. "We don't need to rush this process. Now that we are announced as being a team in the league we will work on eventually getting an identity."

Insider sources with the fledgling team indicate that no official name, colors, coach, or identity has been announced for the Miami team as the club prefers to let this happen organically over the course of a couple decades.

"We should be ready to play by 2120," stated Beckham to The Nutmeg News. "I don't want to rush the process. At some point in the next millennium we will be ready to go."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this ins 2120 as watchers of the new MLS super liga for the individual associated republics of the former United States note that MLS Miami still hasn't played a game.