Fans Ecstatic As Boston Breakers Lead NWSL In Yellow Cards

Boston, MA - Boston Breakers fans in the great Boston area admitted they were ecstatic as the Breakers continued their utter dominance of the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) in Yellow Cards earned, over the weekend.



The Breakers picked up another two yellow cards in their 1-0 loss that eliminated them from playoff contention with 4 games remaining in the season.

"I for one am excited by this statistical domination in one specific area of the game," stated Breakers fan Julie Reynolds. "It's really something for which I've been hoping as we continue to finish last in the league nearly EVERY.... SINGLE... FUCKING.... YEAR.

Hannah Timmons, a Breakers fan from Providence, stated, "I'm just happy that if we are going to lose more than 10 games in a season that we are going to do so by kicking the shit out of everything that moves. This joyful feeling must be what Western New York Flash fans felt for 10 seconds before their team was dismantled and sold to a group that cares more about soccer than Sahlen's hot dogs."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the Breakers look to solidify their yellow card ranking against the Orlando Pride on the 2nd of September.