Man Certain That Woman Who Won Premier League Fantasy Last Season Needs Some Pointers

Phoenix, AZ - According to insider sources, David Harrows of Scottsdale is absolutely convinced that 2016/2017 Champion of fantasy league Kanté You Hear Me Knocking, Theresa Stewart, needs some pointers as he laid out an unbidden player acquisition list for her.


"He actually said that I should consider taking Danny Ward as a goalkeeper," stated an incredulous Stewart to The Nutmeg News. "Who in their right mind would suggest some dumbass stuff like that?"

Reportedly, Harrows noticed that Stewart signed up for a third year to their associated friends fantasy league and realized that his vast encyclopedic knowledge of finishing in 10th place would give him the ability to recommend some player acquisitions for her, possibly over dinner.

"Theresa is great, really great... she just needs some points from someone who KNOWS the game," stated Harrows as he picked through his ruinous player acquisitions made over the past 5 years. "I feel like she could just benefit with some targeted instruction, and maybe some drinks at GypsyBar."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Harrows goes on to finish dead last, again.