Depressed Revolution Fan Spent Last 12 Hours Asking Rhetorical Questions On Twitter

Needham, MA - Depressed Revolution fan Hank Villanueva reportedly spent the last 12 hours asking rhetorical questions on Twitter after the Revolution lost to the Philadelphia Union 3-0 on Sunday.

Whatever I said against Toronto also applies against Philadelphia.

Whatever I said against Toronto also applies against Philadelphia.

"When are the Revolution going to fix this problem," asked Villaneuva despite knowing that the answer was never. "When are they going to fire Heaps? When are they going to put someone in charge of acquiring players that knows what they are doing," ranted Villanueva even though he knew that the team would do neither of the things he asked.

The Nutmeg News spoke to Mr. Villanueva about his recent Twitter storm and he explained, "I just need to rant. I know the answers to all the questions I'm asking and that makes it even more depressing. THIS IS WHY TWITTER IS THE 7th LEVEL OF HELL. Why the hell do I keep doing this to myself? No wonder this team doesn't have any growth in the local community."

Friends of Mr. Villanueva stated that they tried to cheer him up but that he kept looking at the schedule and muttering about going back out to Foxborough again because, "I have to see this through."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the Revolution start winning again at some point, and a numb Hank Villanueva tries to become excited about the possibility of backing into a wild card playoff position.