Galaxy Inch Closer To Deal With Ibrahimovic While LAFC Inch Closer To Deal With Ibrahimovic's Knee Ligaments

LOS ANGELES - Rumor accounts indicate that the Los Angeles Galaxy of The Major League Soccer are inching closer to a deal with former Manchester United superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic, while Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) are inching closer to signing Ibrahimovic's knee ligaments.

A double ligament injury in one knee when you are 35 is totally fine.

A double ligament injury in one knee when you are 35 is totally fine.

Ibrahimovic separated from his knee ligaments after the Manchester United April 21, 2017 game against Anderlecht. Ibrahimovic spoke out against the defective ligament saying, "If they don't feel like staying around to help me win a championship they should leave. Zlatan needs no ligaments to get paid in North America. Zlatan can command millions of dollars just by existing."

With the Swedish international just recently kicking a ball for the first time in months, The Major League Soccer reportedly reached out to indicate that they would be interested in either a package deal with Zlatan and his ligaments or just the body of the former United player.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Zlatan and his ligaments come to a working agreement for walking purposes, but will separate as the season goes along to pursue other opportunities locally.