Lamar Hunt Legacy Still Has 13 Years Left Before Journalists Will Criticize FC Dallas

Dallas, TX - Independent researchers for the Deloitte Legacy Study of Legacy confirmed that Lamar Hunt's family still has 13 years left on his initial legacy value after the much lauded "SAVING OF THE LEAGUE" investment back in 2001.

Look at all these soccer balls!

Look at all these soccer balls!

"Based on our calculations, the initial investment into the league gave Lamar Hunt and anything affiliated with him, even slightly, a 30 year return of only positive publicity," stated Deloitte fellow Janice Fellow. "We calculated that this initial outlay of good will in 2001 will insulate FC Dallas from criticism of any of their policies or stupid ideas for at least another 13 years, or until the team folds for a multitude of reasons."

Research into the much lauded Lamar Hunt legacy indicated that much like an inheritance, the blessing of the legacy was passed down to Clark Hunt who has attempted on numerous occasions to run the legacy into the ground.

However, as Ms. Fellow indicated to us via email, "Despite doing so many stupid things, over the years, the legacy remains intact, and it would be folly to criticize FC Dallas or Clark Hunt for absolutely idiotic treatment of their own fans as well as travelling fans from other cities. Or building a national soccer hall of fame in a stadium that no one really wants to visit, including the fans of his own team. Or overcharging for tickets while intentionally working to keep player costs low because the Clark Hunt doesn't want to pay anyone anything, especially players. No one would ever believe that happens regularly because LAMAR HUNT SAVED THE LEAGUE."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as FC Dallas bans our pool reporter for writing this piece and then accuses him of setting off a smoke bomb at his house.