Miami FC Deducted 15 Cupset Cool Points For Being A Very Good Team

Miami, FL - After Miami FC upset Atlanta United in the US Open Cup, they were informed that they were deducted 15 Cupset COOL Points for being a very good team.

Photo: Bryan Cereijo - Miami Herald

Photo: Bryan Cereijo - Miami Herald

"Yes, it's true," confirmed Miami FC captain Mike Lahoud. "We were informed after the game was over and we were celebrating that 15 points were deducted from our Cupset Cool score for being a very good team. Apparently we didn't struggle enough, for the voting panel."

Reportedly, the panel of 10 men and women that judge US Open Cup teams on their Cupset Cool Status determined that Miami FC played entirely too well during their game against Atlanta United to have full Cupset Cool Status.

"In order to obtain full Cool points you must struggle," stated panel member Deborah Carmona. "You must have difficulty scoring, must be absorbing punches from the opposition offense like a heavyweight boxer on the ropes. Miami FC, simply, were very good, possessed the ball, scored goals, and so they were deducted points for being competent both offensively and defensively (when needed), it is as simple as that."

The Miami FC front office was reportedly shocked by this news but stated, "None of this matters as we are still moving on in the US Open Cup, and aren't you guys just ripping off Cool Spot?"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the panel encourages Miami FC to drink more 7-Up.