Player Your Team Is Going To Sign Is Terrible

Despite their statistics, their former team, or their pedigree, the player your team is going to sign very soon is actually pretty terrible.

This is called, "Scouting"

This is called, "Scouting"

"We don't really expect much from them," stated an internal scout from your team. "We just need warm bodies, at this point. It's important to know that we expect to be shopping for this same position during the offseason, again."

Fans are excited after rumors leaked out about this new player, but the front office is nonplussed stating, "we are just excited to have something positive to talk about for once. This is really going to help our public relations more than our team. Hopefully we can get six serviceable months out of this player before the fans figure out that they are kinda shit."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this when the fans finally realize in two years that they are going to need another player to replace the player that wasn't very good to start.