Woman Swears She Won't Date Within The Supporters Group, Again

Portland, OR - Thorns fan Sandra Hoang swore up and down to her friends that she won't date within the Rose City Riveters again, for the second time, as she stewed about a recent breakup and the realization of seeing her ex-girlfriend nearly every single weekend for possibly the rest of her sports fandom.

AP Photo/Don Ryan

AP Photo/Don Ryan

"I'm done! I'm DONE," stated Hoang to friends as she lied through her teeth about not dating within the sphere of soccer supporters that she knows. "I just refuse to fall for someone again that is a Thorns Fan. There's no way this is going to happen again, the breakups are just too hard. I don't need to see them every weekend, and then at every USWNT game, and every watch party, and Timbers games, and charity events"

As Hoang lied to her friends about not dating within the supporters group again, she mentally calculated the number of hours she spends on the weekends attending Thorns games and tried to figure out a time where she would go on a casual date on the weekend.

"I have other interests, I can find someone outside the soccer scene in Portland," muttered Hoang to her friends who consoled her over her recent break up with extra beers. 

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Hoang states that when she is ready to get back to dating she is going to find someone outside her circle of friends...... as long as they really like soccer.