Atlanta United Ceases Operation After Two Straight Losses

Atlanta, GA - Citing the recent two game losing streak, Atlanta United owner Arthur Blank pulled the plug on the nascent franchise stating, "well, that fad is over."

We are all done here.

We are all done here.

During the former MLS club's heyday, they started off a respectable 3-2-2, but two straight losses dropped the team down the table and they currently sit out of the playoffs, if the playoffs started in May.

"We had a good run," stated Vice-President Ann Rodriguez. "No one would say that we didn't have success at 3-2-2, but we must be realistic and realize that two straight losses will spell the doom of our franchise. We want to thank all the fans who came out to support us, and all the players for giving the season their maximum effort, at least for the first 7 games."

Sources from within Terminus Legion stated that members were grumbling that it was, "about time," for the team to fold as the lofty expectations of winning the league in the first three months had not come to fruition. 

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as a dispersal draft reallocates the players from Atlanta United throughout the league.