MLS Miami Sues Minnesota Soccer Fans For Rights To, "The Team That Nobody Wanted"

Miami, FL - David Beckham and MLS Miami have reportedly launched a lawsuit against Minnesota United and Minnesota soccer fans for the trademark and rights to, "The Team That Nobody Wanted."

(Pioneer Press: John Autey)

(Pioneer Press: John Autey)

"We are the team that nobody wants," stated Beckham to The Nutmeg News. "There is no better exampled of this than Miami MLS. We don't have a stadium, we don't have a fanbase, we don't have any players, we don't have any land; and we are slowly trying to do all these things without pissing away the last percentage of good will left towards our bid in the community.If being the team that nobody wants is what got Minnesota United into Major League Soccer, then we have a great chance!"

According to a one person survey of the area, Miami residents are wary of another team coming in when they already have a packed afternoon of going to the beach, sitting outside, and ignoring the current Miami NASL team.

"The who?" asked Loretta Young of The Palace At Coral Gables. "We getting another one of them footy kick things?

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as MLS Miami forges ahead straight into the ever moving goalposts of MLS expansion.