Man Finally Convinced To Stop Supporting MLS "Franchise"

Dallas, TX - FC Dallas fan Romeo Thurgood admitted that he was finally convinced to stop supporting a, "franchise under the control of a secret cabal of elites," as he gave up on soccer in the United States and in general.

"None of this is real! You are all puppets of the landed gentry!"

"None of this is real! You are all puppets of the landed gentry!"

"Well, It's back to Baseball for me," stated Thurgood to The Nutmeg News. "It took a few hundred people telling me that I was supporting a tool for the advancement of the wealth of a small controlling few, but after the last comment of, 'Fuck your team. You don't support a club, it's a franchise,' I finally saw the light. I'm going to leave this franchise situation and stop giving my money to Don Garber and go back to giving my money to Ray Davis and Bob Simpson."

Thurgood stated that he was going to go back to his original love of the Texas Rangers and try to catch a few Major Arena Soccer League games with the Dallas Sidekicks in the Allen Event Center.

"The Rangers have been historically mismanaged with only a recent history of amazing success and a large contingent of bandwagon fans, but at least people will stop telling me to go fuck myself for supporting my local team."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Thurgood tries to get the wave started in the bleachers.