Honeymoon Period Over, As Four Home Games Gives Orlando City Fan Enough Time To Start Disliking People Around Him

Orlando, FL - Soccer fan David Thibault admitted that, after four home games, the honeymoon period of going to the new Orlando City stadium has finally worn off leaving him free to start disliking the people in the stands around him, again.

It is still really, really pretty, though.  Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

It is still really, really pretty, though.

Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

"I was entranced with the view and the amenities and just walking around the park," stated Thibault to The Nutmeg News. "I forgot all about the guy that is always taking selfies, or the woman that gets really drunk, or the people who constantly sell their season tickets to the opposing fans, or the employees who tell you to go to the wrong exit. Those first few games were really my salad days of enjoyment, in the park, as I was able to experience the games as though a naked baby wandering through the woods filled with the wonder of life and full of the vim and vigor that curiosity can entail. I was rudely brought back to earth by the guy who just repeatedly constantly yells, 'fuck you, you fucking dickhead,' every five seconds into my ear at some random player."

Thibault  started down this dark path again when Ramon Acosta, an Orlando City fan who sits one row behind him, accidentally spilled two full beers sending a cascading surge of dark liquid down underneath Thibault's seat and soaking his newly purchased scarf in pungent liquid.

"Yep, I'm officially over that part of going to the stadium again. I just want to show up, sing, do some fun chants, drink beer and go home like we did at the start. Now I have some drunk idiot next to me trying to get me to sing along with his Battle For Evermore Chant he wrote for Kaka. Can't beat the results though."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Thibault continues to go and complain while simultaneously enjoying the games and the camaraderie.