Newsroom Debates "Curtains For Curtin" Headline

Philadelphia, PA - Highly placed sources within the newsroom for the Philadelphia Spectator indicate that editors and writers at the newspaper are debating the usage of a "Curtains For Curtin" headline if the current winless head coach of the Union is relieved of his duties.

(ISI Photos/Brad Smith)

(ISI Photos/Brad Smith)

"I think it's too on the nose," stated Union beat reporter Davis Livingston. "We have standards to uphold and I dread the idea of using this headline to indicate that Jim Curtin lost his position."

Social media expert Heather Brooking stated, "This will get shared everywhere by Union fans when the inevitable happens. It isn't making light of the situation, it's a necessary evil to get the story out there with some punch."

Reportedly, the newsroom is more split on this headline issue than they were on utilizing Adieu Adu as a headline after Freddy Adu was released.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as "Curtains For Curtin" is saved in the draft format as... you know.. a placeholder... you know... just in case.