Basque-Italian-American Excited To Have Excuse To Drink For Three Straight Days

NEW YORK - Basque-Italian-American Billy Buzetti admitted that he was absolutely excited to have another excuse to drink for three straight days as St. Patricks day dawned with a pint of Guinness in his hand and an obnoxious green hat on his head the team.... oh.... VILLA... GO VILLA... Er... NYCFC. the team.... oh.... VILLA... GO VILLA... Er... NYCFC.

"I've got St Paddy's today," incorrectly stated Mr. Buzetti. "I've got March Madness for the foreseeable future, the Premier League in the morning, the NYCFC home game tomorrow, more MLS all day if I decide I care, the premier league in the morning on Sunday and somehow more college basketball. I'm going to be drunk for a long, long time."

Reportedly, the lack of Irish ancestry gave Mr Buzetti an even stronger desire to associate himself with the United States cultural tradition of getting absolutely shithoused on a random Friday.

"Woooooooooooo!" reported Mr Buzetti as he downed another pint of Guinness and asked for a bloody mary. "Let's go Irish and I'm going to need to find a ride or something out to the Bronx tomorrow for the game. Anyone want to give me a seat, in their car?"

Here's a seat.

Here's a seat.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Buzetti plans to get really drunk, sober up a bit for lunch and then start drinking again to catch up.... you know... for the Irish or something.