Rogue MLS Accounts Arrive To Spread Dank Memes After League Crackdown

 LOS ANGELES - What started as one "unofficial resistance" Twitter account has grown to a list of... well... one "unofficial resistance" twitter account after Major League Soccer (MLS) executives upset about dank memes and viral gifs cracked down on the Los Angeles Galaxy.



Within the last few hours, @RogueLAGalaxy was set up on twitter by someone claiming to be within the team front office to allow the dissemination of hastily cobbled together gifs, references to Cozmo, and erotic prose featuring Mike Magee's chest hair. 

"THE MEMES MUST FLOW," stated the twitter account which already is verified and sending out information on discount ticket sales for the upcoming Galaxy game against Montreal. "We are the resistance. We are the underpaid. We are the gif'ers in the night. We strike back against the league hegemony. We will be using this for our LinkedIN profile," claimed the account as they tweeted out photo-shopped pictures of Baldomero Toledo in a clown costume.

The start of rogue, resistance MLS accounts has purportedly spurred other teams to capitalize on this trend with the Portland Timbers stating, "We will have a rogue account eventually. Good for branding. Stay tuned."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as MLS attempts to find the whistle-blowing memers in their midst.