FC Dallas Announce That CCL Will Not Distract From Meaningless March Games

Dallas, TX - Football Club Dallas announced today that the CONCACAF Champions League (CCL), starting February 23, will not distract from their slate of meaningless March games as they sought to assure their fans that they will prioritize the regular season.

"We will be fine... totally fine.. none of these guys even have an emoji!"

"We will be fine... totally fine.. none of these guys even have an emoji!"

"It's important for us to focus on games in March that will, inevitably, have nothing to do with how our regular season ends up," stated FC Dallas spokesman Lorne Bleau. "We want to reassure our fans and supporters that we do plan on treating the CCL like a glorified reserves match where we trot out our up and coming 18 year old players with a smattering of first team players that we think will give us stability."

Insider sources indicate that FC Dallas have been asking around the league for advice on whether Arabe Unido is a "Play your 18 year old players" team or "mix of youth and regulars with that one defensive player that is awful but will probably be fine against this team."

"We categorically reject that we will take the meaningless games in March easily," stated Bleau to the Nutmeg News. "All the games in Major League Soccer are important, even if they really aren't. We plan on copying the Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers success by having a very successful March and April that leads into an MLS Cup Victory parade in December."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this when FC Dallas is knocked out of the CCL.