Soccer Twitter Slowly Devolves To Locked Accounts Subtweeting Each Other

According to reports from the Internet, many peoples experience with Soccer Twitter has devolved to an ever larger number of locked accounts subtweeting each other as the experience of dealing with negative idiots, bots, stalkers, and absolute jerks encourages people to go for a more curated twitter experience.

"My experience with soccer twitter started out so well," stated Union fan David Ersnt. "I was really enjoying myself, but after some really weird and unsavory interactions with some bizarre people, I had to lock my account. Things were just getting too real."

Reportedly, Ernst was enjoying the banter and the interactions with fans across the league until the banter and conversations crossed over into personal attacks and logging into the social media service turned into a daily reminder on how depressed he is supposed to be.

"I was thinking of either blowing up my old account or just locking it down, so I figured I'd try this, un-follow a bunch of people and see if that increased my enjoyment of the service."

Despite his best efforts, Ernst states that most of the content he now gets for soccer is just locked accounts that used to be public tweeters, sub-tweeting other soccer accounts that they dislike.

"I'm not even certain what the subcurrent is anymore, because I don't follow enough of the locked accounts to figure out what the other people who used to talk about things now whisper about in private."

The Nutmeg News will have less on this situation as a locked account that we can't see talks about this in private with another locked account.