MLS States That New Nashville Franchise Will Move To Memphis Due To Business Metrics

NEW YORK - Minutes after adding Nashville to Major League Soccer (MLS), Comissioner Don Garber stated that the lack of community involvement would necessitate a move of the minutes old franchise to Memphis due to business metrics.

"We did not have the support for the team we thought we would have minutes after the announcement so we will be moving the franchise to Memphis in hopes that we can have a publicly financed world class stadium and atmosphere," stated Garber.

Insider sources indicate that this Nashville to Memphis deal was in the works as of years ago as MLS let the expansion bids happen before showing that they intentionally were planning on moving the franchise immediately after it was given to the city.

"Trust us when we say this will only make the league stronger," stated president of MLS, Mark Abbot.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the league plans to move the next franchise to San Diego.