Toronto Staff Start Defrosting Frozen Reporter From 2016 MLS Cup

TORONTO - Staff from Toronto Football Club (TFC) began defrosting on-field soccer reporter Carla Overbeek who remained in a state of suspended animation within a 2 foot ice block after 2016 MLS Cup.

"So......... who scored?"

"So......... who scored?"

"We thought that since it was going to be Toronto v Seattle again that this would be the perfect time to wake her up," stated groundskeeper Tommy Maclavay. "The ice has slowly been melting over the last year, but when she comes out of it we are just going to slowly acclimate her to the fact that it is 2017."

Overbeek was frozen in a solid block of ice while attempting to obtain Greg Vanney's opinion on the first half of the 2016 MLS Cup game. Friends and family expressed concern about her condition but admitted they didn't know a better way to defrost Overbeek than to just let it happen. Officials with BMO Field stated that they finally put a heater on the reporter in order to get her out before another cold snap hits.

"We are almost there," stated wife Susan Overbeek. "Only one more week and she'll be ready to get back at it. Hopefully we can get her free before she gets trapped in another glacier like condition."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Overbeek finds out that she didn't miss much from the first game.